You have arrived, welcome to Platform One....


We are an Melbourne based team providing  a go-to platform for talented emerging designers to showcase their work, and for buyers and stylists to source their wardrobes.

We search for and unearth highly innovative and expressive emerging designers, promoting them in our carefully curated space and supporting their creativity as they grow within the industry. Platform One is a trusted and exclusive first stop into the world of exciting emerging design, acting as a bridge between the newest talent and the rest of the industry.

The focus on emerging designers and featuring their work, is to create a hub of high innovation - a space where people can come to and trust that they will discover new labels and designs. The content is carefully curated in order to convey a sense of originality and creativity alongside sustainability - which are all very important elements which make up Platform One's vision.



Image by PFP photography 2018
Image by PFP photography 2018