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Designers Nessie Croft and Gabrielle Leavesley introduce a strong, independent brand to an increasingly aware landscape that challenges perceptions of ethical fashion. A collaborative fashion practice set upon innovative foundations of sustainability and design, Coreprêt uses cutting edge tailoring and defined silhouettes to create a comprehensive collection for men and women. Splashes of scarlet, bold prints, luxurious velvet and fantastical finishes imbue a sense of drama and rebellion that sits at ease with the romance of ruffles and nostalgic, traditional archetypes favoured throughout the collection. The ability to style each piece with never ending freedom begs the necessity for each garment to hero a contemporary wardrobe. Based in Australia, Coreprêt’s approach involves using recycled fabric, designer surplus, donations, and virgin fabric of only certified organic cotton jersey to ensure maximum social responsibility and minimal environmental impact.

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