Welcome Gina Snodgrass…

An emerging Australian designer whose conceptually driven designs explore the gendered nature of fashion. Using self-expressive and non-conventional archetypes, Gina bends the socially constructed boundaries of both gender and dress. The duality of her romantic silhouettes and unique textiles create a layered, enigmatic, sensory appeal to her designs whilst the fluidity and ease of her pieces create a menswear collection without tension and limits. Her dialogue surrounding clothing and self-expression talks loud: Gina won the Emerging Designer award and the Supreme award at the 2018 Fleece to Fashion Wool awards and was selected to debut her collection ‘The Dandy Boys’ at MBFW18

Located  /  Sydney, NSW

Launched  /  2018

Check their online store  /  www.ginasnodgrass.com

Check their Instagram  /  @gina.snodgrass

Contact  /  gina.snodgrass@gmail.com