Welcome J -ANT…

Look out for young label J-ANT, whose beautifully curated collections prove the point on craftsmanship. Creative director Jessica Antonio founds the label on unique textile manipulations and embroidered details that create a line of absolute signature pieces, especially outerwear. Like curved fragments of rock and fossils, J-ANT textile manipulations are a testament to true handiwork but are softened by shades of flushed pink, bone and off-white. Knitted belts and soft camisoles show the multitude of directions of J-ANT and future creativity- taking influence from the culture of founder and designer Jessica, J-ANT is soon to launch a new collection ‘Made in Portugal’ which will cherish traditional materials. Locally produced in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Located  /  Utrecht, Netherlands

Launched  /  2018

Check their online store  /  www.j-ant.com

Check their Instagram  /  @jantdesign 

Contact  /  infro@j-ant.com