Welcome Julia Albanese…

Julia Albanese graduating body of work explores underwear as outwear, taking inspiration from 1950’s undergarments and technical details of classic garment archetypes.

Distorting the concept of what makes an archetype recognisable through her making process, Julia focuses on shifting perceptions of underwear, ultimately bringing lingerie fabrics into a ready to wear context.

Innovative techniques include the creation of lace plaids, weaving lingerie trims such as lace and elastic together to create her own fabric and printing denim onto silk satin. A truly custom medley of materials and a refreshing colour palette achieves a superbly intimate and creative collection.

Located  /  Melbourne, Vic

Graduate Collection  /   2018  Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours) at RMIT University

Check their Instagram  / @julia_albanese

Contact  /  julia.albanese4@gmail.com