Welcome Ode To Odd…

“Clothing is an art that shall always make you joyous and a little more you” - Sentiments from label Ode to Odd, whose roots lie deeply in textiles and true craftsmanship. Based in India, Shreya and Priyal Mewara design and produce every item from their studio. They shine a light on the weavers, spinners and embroiderers - the fabric is handwoven by old generation weavers and all pieces are hand dyed. Every garment therefore carries a special narrative, but further genius lies in the design: an equal play between structure and fluidity to create timeless, easy going pieces that stand out thanks to bold embroidered details. Within the collection are an array of must-haves including silk jumpsuits and dreamy organic cotton and brass button shirts.

Located  /  Ranchi, India

Launched  /  2017

Check their online store  /  www.odetoodd.com

Check their Instagram  /  @ode.to.odd

Contact  /  info@odetoodd.com