A pop up retail space showcasing innovation and emerging design as part of Melbourne Fashion Week, which is brought to you by the City of Melbourne.

The Platform One market exhibits the creations and craftsmanship of local artisans and garment makers, celebrating the sustainable power of slow fashion.  

For one day only, Platform One curates this inclusive space to shop, interact with a collective of designers and be immersed in a convergence of fashion and the arts.

Platform One’s vision is to support and elevate innovation, quality and sustainability in local design across Australia. 

Join us for a day of curated retail in our intimate, market-style event. Meet the designers below.

When: Saturday November 20th, 11:00am – 4:00pm 

Where: The event is located in a laneway garage on Oliver Lane in Melbourne’s CBD. The garage is located at the back of 18-20 Russell Street, Melbourne, 3000. Enter via garage roller door.

Facebook event link:


What can I expect: 

More than fifteen designer market stalls including fashion and jewellery, immersive artwork, locally-made furniture and styling plus all-day DJ sets. 

What we ask of you: 

Please check-in when you arrive and stay home if you feel unwell. Come to show your support towards local, emerging designers and respect each other and the designers’ items. People of all ages welcome.

How do I buy things: 

There will be a mix of payment options amongst the stalls including card. 

How do I get there: 

Enter via roller door on Oliver Lane – close to the Flinders St end. There are nearby city car parking sites. For public transport, closest stops are Flinders Street Station via train and tram lines 70 and 75. Venue is a five-minute walk from Flinders Street Station. Alternative close tram routes are Collins Street 12, 48, 11 and 109.

The venue is wheelchair accessibility friendly.

Platform One acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 


Introducing a curation of Melbourne’s celebrated emerging designers who will be showcasing their collections and works on the day!


Designed and made in Kyneton, Victoria

Anna Walsh explores the methods and practices of historical clothing construction, with a particular focus on the tailored production of stays and corsets. Specialising in bespoke one-off garments all clothes are made by Anna, by hand in a home studio in a field surrounded by goats and sheep. Implementing sustainable practices wherever possible using primarily dead stock remnants or vintage materials, only buying first hand for structure layers of 10% cotton canvas to ensure durability and the longevity of each garment. Anna Walsh operates as a slow fashion business, each corset taking a minimum of 20 hours to create.



Designed and made in Australia

Every day dress ups. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an interest in the ways that clothing can communicate with those around us, and influence the way we are perceived. Every step is considered with sustainability, wearability and aesthetics in mind.



Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia

ÇAKIRLI is a Melbourne born, designed and made label that supports slow fashion movement; we design and create garments for quality and longevity. Keeping in mind all the environmental effect fast fashion has on our planet, we take this approach to minimise the impact our clothing has on the environment. All clothes are designed and ethically handmade in our Melbourne studio by the designer.



Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia

Call me, Max. is a slow fashion brand that’s designed and made in Australia. We believe in ethical practices and true craftsmanship. By carefully hand making each garment, every aspect of production is tightly controlled, minimising waste and unsold stock. So, when you purchase from Call me, Max, you are supporting a movement in slow fashion. A movement that also exclusively works with Australian businesses to ensure that we are supporting our economy and the sustainability of our country.



Designed and made in Fitzroy, Melbourne

Narrm/Melbourne based artist Courtney Hogan handcrafts jewellery in her Fitzroy studio. As every piece is made from start to finish by herself this ensures the quality is set to her high standard, aiming for longevity of the piece. Courtney uses jewellery as a medium for her creativity and she loves making one-off wearable pieces alongside her small but growing permanent collection. All Courtney’s jewellery is designed to be worn as a companion on your day to day adventures, through big times and small, connecting to your own growing narratives.



Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. Cut and sewn in Brunswick

Club Venus is a green fashion project based in Naarm/Melbourne. An individually owned and female run business, Club Venus melds the underworld of the nineties raver and futuristic femme with locally produced collections. The brand hopes to make ethical and local manufacturing the norm while promoting and solidifying slow fashion concepts in the mind of the consumer. Utilising textiles like hemp, organic cotton, bamboo and recycled polyesters, Club Venus hopes to bring energetic and expressionistic clothing into more sustainable futures.



Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Eethyn is an independent slow-fashion label based in Naarm, Melbourne focusing on limited-release collections with a conscious, stylish attitude. Eethyn is designed irrespective of gender and aims to facilitate self-expression. We endeavor to source materials locally at every stage to offer a conscious choice for the wearer.



Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Ethereal 144 is a slow fashion, sustainable brand born in Naarm/Melbourne. In an attempt to reduce wastage and lessen the detrimental effects of the fast fashion industry, I wanted to create a brand that gives pre loved items a second chance. Putting a contemporary twist on worn items, I am able to explore my own creativity whilst increasing the lifespan of clothing items. Not only do I try to source sustainable materials, but I also reduce wastage through my practice by not buying supplies in bulk, reusing plastic and sending products out in compostable mailers. Made with love from my own backyard, these items are special to me and I hope they are worn and loved for years and more.



Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Proudly Melbourne-born and raised, Ge.LABEL is committed to small-print and sustainable practices with a conscious approach to designing, making, collaborating and distributing. Each and every Ge.LABEL is handmade, and materials and manufacturing processes are sourced mindfully and locally where possible. Fashion-forward and globally recognised, Ge.LABEL has been featured in Melbourne Fashion Festivals & Fashion Weeks, Fashion Journal, GQ, RUSSH and Vogue. Recently, cool girl guide Fashion Journal magazine listed Ge.LABEL as ‘a label to watch out for in 2021’ – and we didn’t even pay them to say it! Every Ge.LABEL style is designed with several heaped tablespoons of TLC to be an extension of your sparkling personality – as a timeless yet fashion-forward pop of delight to be paired with each and every outfit in your wardrobe. Even your yoga gear.

Think of us as the cherry on top.



Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Versatility and timelessness are key in the creation of our flattering silhouettes. Established, designed and crafted in our studio in Melbourne, HOUSEOFWATERSTONE encompasses the spirit of classic tailored silhouettes with the aura and essence of on trend contemporary design. Our influences are an array of art and literature of the long past to the present, always looking into the future. Conceived with the idea that beauty can be found in different ways, our creativity is a constant expanse; each piece is carefully created with the purpose of adorning our clientele. We are thoughtful of the environment and a limited number of garments are crafted with detail for each style. Our goal is for our clientele to be adorn with our garments to feel amazing and in the moment; celebrating their oneness with themselves, uniqueness with the world wherever they go.



Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Lily Ke’s philosophy is in creating pieces embedded with timeless elegance and hints of nostalgia, for building and nurturing a long lasting relationship with our wardrobe. Lily Ke first grew her work by making elegant one-off gowns for personal clients alongside her studies, a selection of her graduate collection also featured in Melbourne Fashion Week’s Emerging Runway Show. Her work often features contemporary forms with the fusion of clean lines, coupled with the desire for comfort. Pieces that are softly tailored with draped sculptural edge elements. Lily Ke’s label was founded this year; having a core focus on premium womenswear with a meaningful and considered approach. All pieces are currently handmade to order by the designer in her Melbourne based studio, whilst still carrying through services of personal fittings and customisations, helping rekindle the lost connection between oneself and their clothing pieces.



Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Remuse is a Melbourne based clothing label inspired by biomimicry, artisan techniques and bipoc futurism. Founded on the principles of diversity and low impact design, the pieces are created from natural, organic, deadstock and reclaimed plant based materials and hand dyed with both plant based and low impact fiber reactive dyes. Remuse is cruelty free and seeks to create clothing that models nature while also being complimentary to it. Founded by New York born designer and stylist, Tamara Leacock, it is a wearable art practice rooted in resilience and reimagining new futures for adornment for contemporary bodies.



Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Shop Louee is a conscious design house celebrating life under the sun, beauty in simplicity and local craftsmanship. Proudly Australian designed and made, Shop Louee is committed to slow, timeless design while treading lightly on our environment. 

All our garments are made in-house by the Shop Louee team or by a local Melbourne maker who assists us. By following this process, we can directly manage waste and ensure we do not hold any unnecessary stock that may not sell. We primarily use linen – a natural, biodegradable fabric spun from certified European Flax to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. The thread used to construct the garment is also biodegradable, made from 100% Tencel Lyocell (Lenzing). Our care labels are made from off-cut polyester fabric that would have once gone to landfill and our woven labels are certified to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and embroidered with recycled thread.

Shop Louee was founded in 2020 by fashion designer Amy Pearce. Amy completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion Design) at the Queensland University of Technology as well as a semester abroad studying Textile Design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi, India. Amy started her career at Oyster Magazine, before relocating to Melbourne and taking a few years break from the industry. Come 2020, Shop Louee was born from a desire to make beautiful clothing that is gentle on our environment. 



Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Sorrentino Studios is a Melbourne ~ Naarm based sustainable fashion label. Each garment is lovingly made in-house using premium dead-stock materials. The label supports more than 10 other Australian suppliers and focuses on zero-waste production where all scrap fabrics are repurposed or recycled into new materials. 

The studio’s collection- ELEMENT 1.0 is inspired by the first element: Earth. Textures and silhouette forms are inspired by rocky desert mountains, sandstones, and volcanic rocks. Earthy, neutral tones are contrasted by darker volcanic hues. Each garment is named after the rocks, flowers and plants that make up our land. 

Just like the first element, these garments are designed to last a lifetime; acting as a solid foundation for all future collections.



Designed and made in McCrae on the Mornington Peninsula in their home studio

Til Foley is an organic ceramic and jewellery label, birthed by creative and designer, Matilda Foley, in an attempt to reflect the coastal environment and earthly tones surrounding her in her Mornington Peninsula studio. These elements, both within and around her, influence her pieces. Creating both Bespoke and Ready-to-Wear pieces from solid sterling silver, 9ct solid gold, 14k gold filled sterling silver, a range of beautiful gemstones, beading, and freshwater pearls, Til Foley aims to handcraft timeless pieces for you and your loved ones to enjoy forever, in her minimalistic and rustic style.



Thankyou to our sponsors at Muso for providing us with all day tunes!

Music curated by Tessellate, the same minds behind the crate mates collective. Words Worst Mc, Tessellate’s co-head bring fellow Melbourne selector PJ to accompany him for the day.

Muso is a live-entertainment start-up born in Melbourne and now operating Australia-wide.  We help venues create better live entertainment experiences and help artists find more gigs to create more revenue opportunities. We leverage technology to make things more efficient, fair and transparent to ultimately make live music more accessible to more people. Eventually we hope that every venue will be a live music venue but until then we’ll work on changing one at a time


Melbourne Based Florist

Blossm Bby delivers fresh and dreamy flowers across Melbourne with signatures including Anthuriums, Orchids and Reflexed roses. Blossm Bby specialises in cute and quirky colour ways and sculptural flower stories and also works across events and installations. Committed to flower care and no wastage, see their website for tips on making the most of your Blossm Bby bouquet.



Melbourne Based Artist

Mitchell James is an emerging sculptor and painter from Melbourne. Mitchell’s style, ‘Post Graffiti’, pays homage to a graffiti past where he indulged in Melbourne’s graffiti scene. Mitchell has taken his skills from the streets and harnessed them in the studio. Mitchell paints with oils and acrylics and sometimes spray paint on mostly recycled materials and canvas.



Melbourne Based Creative Studio

A Melbourne studio with a multidisciplinary approach to visual creation, JMA works across web, print, animation, video and projection to bring colour and life to creative concepts. As well as corporate and brand clients, JMA conjures imaginative solutions for local causes and pro bono projects.



Melbourne Based Furniture Design Studio

monde is comfortable: Curves modelled on the contours of the human body encourage lounging and command relaxation. The foam is supportive yet soft and incredibly durable, so that even after years of use the seat remains as comfortable as the day it was made.

monde is responsible: Sustainability is integral to good design. Local manufacturing reduces transportation emissions, and all manufacturing waste is recycled. monde works with innovative suppliers of locally milled, natural and recycled fibres and makes use of limited end-of -the-line upholstery depending on client specification. 

monde is recyclable: Every monde seat is made to last but will inevitably come to the end of its life after many years. When this time comes, the foam can be responsibly milled and reused for building products such as insulation, fill and carpet underlay.