Welcome Rudy Lau…

RMIT Fashion Design Graduate Rudy Lau makes a strong impression with his first collection ‘Brutalism’. Brutalism is inspired by the Brutalist architecture movement, a 20th Century movement chiefly connected with raw concrete. Rudy uses majority raw materials in his collection, making denim the hero. Rudy captures brutalist ideas using oversized structures and space in his designs, and achieves richness through generous materiality. Despite these sentiments of vastness and strength, Rudy doesn’t forget the importance of detail: further influenced by the idea that many old post-war buildings are derelict and in some cases catch fire, Rudy uses heat techniques to change the structure his materials. Drama and story-telling at the epicentre of his design ethos, Rudy is currently interested in costume design. 

Located  /  Melbourne, VIC

Graduated  /  RMIT Bachelor of Fashion Design (Hons) 2018

Check their Instagram  /  @rudeerudes

Contact  /  rudee.lau@gmail.com