Dolce Amore Intimo reimagines lingerie in its most precious form

by Platform One

From a place of disconnection came the sweet discovery of Dolce Amore - Sweet Love - a lingerie label inspired by the myths and legends of the Mediterranean Sea.  

We asked Dolce Amore's Isabella what real and mythical stories have shaped her intimate narrative and gathered her pearls of wisdom for feeling confident in lingerie.




Isabella, tell us the story behind the creation of Dolce Amore Intimo

I created Dolce Amore Intimo during a time where I felt very disconnected with my body, and as a way of dealing with it, I decided to start sewing again. Everything I know about sewing and lingerie making is self-taught, and the time at home only allowed me to completely immerse myself in my practice. I was inspired by my heritage, the Mediterranean Sea and its mythological creatures and folk tales, to honour my roots and to interpret my sensuality into something material. I decided that this could be something to empower both myself and the women that surrounded me. Dolce Amore interprets the female form as something precious. That is why I intend for each piece to be a piece of wearable art that celebrates beauty in all physical and abstract forms.


Can you share one empowering moment for you during this journey?   

When I see how happy and confident women are while wearing Dolce Amore, and the fact that something I made can have that effect on someone makes me feel very empowered. It is so rewarding knowing that other people out there feel good in their own skin and the fact that Dolce Amore contributed into making their day a little shinier makes me the happiest.


Can you talk us through how you weave inspiration and storytelling into your designs? 

I am most inspired by my Southern Italian roots, especially ancient myths, and legends from my land. When designing the Bagnara T String, I took reference from the legend of the birth of Bagnara. It is an expression of the nymph that a young shepherd fell in love with. He had visions of her, and to make her come back he would leave roses as a sign of devotion. He finally sees her, after years of looking for her, she appears coming out of a shell from the Mediterranean waters, so the shepherd confesses his love to her, only for the nymph to disappear and never come back. The shepherd was heartbroken, and his tears transformed into a river that would lead back to the sea, in hopes to reach the nymph, giving birth to Bagnara, a seaside town that honours the nymph in their coat of arms. I like to add small details to each piece that symbolise different elements of the story; the T String sits comfortably on your waist adorned with freshwater pearls, abalone shell beads and a vintage floral applique.


What's the best advice you've either given or received about feeling confident in lingerie?

When I think of lingerie, I think of it as the first layer of garments that sits on your body, a visual representation of someone’s sensuality, enhancing your form and beauty. The best advice I can give someone about feeling confident in lingerie is to choose something that would embody your essence and something you would wear for yourself. Doing small precious things, like wearing lingerie, during our everyday life can build a confident version of ourselves.


What's one thing you wish people knew about Dolce Amore Intimo or about lingerie in general?

I wish that more people knew that most lingerie out in the market doesn’t fit most women. Everything is standardised and it’s hard to find a perfect fit that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. It is so important for me that Dolce Amore will fit you like a glove, if you are unsure about sizing, I can custom size any piece you may desire from the collection or even design your very own set! 




Fast Facts (not fast fashion)

  • Varying silhouettes are available in the Mediterranean Elixir collection; T Strings, V strings, mini G Strings, as well as a Bralette and Bandeau.
  • The collection features locally sourced gemstones
  • Fabrics are picked for texture, a good stretch and intricate detail and choices include vintage trims and deadstock fabrics 
  • Pieces are handmade to order with the option to request custom sizing
  • Based in Italy


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