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    Location / Melbourne, VIC, Aus

    Launched / 2018

    Socials / @apresstudio_

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    Bio / Our clothing is designed to last beyond the season, moving away from the practice of fast-fashion that generates enormous waste with huge environmental implications.

    We are ethically produced, firsthand friends with our makers and transparent with our practice.


    Location / Adelaide, SA, Aus

    Launched / 2016

    Socials / @autark_

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    Bio / Innovative and bold yet feminine designs are the hallmark of autark pieces, created in mind for a woman who is strong, individual, and knows her own mind.

    Investment pieces created from the most luxurious of silks, cottons, linens and an array of natural fibers, that are carefully considered in their construction for maximum wearability and versatility. 


    Location / Melbourne, VIC, Aus

    Launched / 2017

    Socials / @_kalaurie_

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    Bio / Kalauries emotive garments help create the story of the wearer. Favouring dark, billowing silhouettes that resonate with the emotional, the nostalgic and the wayfaring woman.

    Drawing inspiration from classical art and design, with serious craftsmanship and ethical design at the forefront, all pieces in the collection are made in house and to order.


    Location / Melbourne, VIC, Aus

    Launched / 2018

    Socials / @_karlaidlaw

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    Bio / Influenced by underground art culture, designer Karla has an eye for her environment and creates pieces that don’t sit within a repetitive and senselessly loud consumerist landscape.

    Her pieces incite desire in those with a true love of prophetic fashion. Made to order, the collection achieves a divinely futuristic feel through hand painted leather, silk, flared silhouettes and an evolving fabrication.


    Location / Melbourne, VIC, Aus

    Launched / 2020

    Socials / @sorrentino.studios

    Contact /

    Bio / The Sorrentino Studios brand is based around sustainability – deadstock fabric (that would otherwise go to landfill) is used to create androgynous, bold, eye-catching pieces designed to last a lifetime, and to ensure transparency, all suppliers are listed on the website.

    Garments are made-to-order in Melbourne.