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Sunglasses ; Made from recycled sunglasses …. Genius!


Meet Szâde – This recently launched Melbourne brand is breaking down old and unwanted sunglasses, and turning them into sweet new shades!

It was about a 2 year journey consisting of research and development – which lead to the revolutionary idea behind Szâde. The brand grasped the opportunity to provide the market with a universal product that is by all means sustainable, and at the same time is used and needed by almost everyone.

You can now purchase guilt-free sunnies – recycled and also recyclable – that are hella stylish! The Melbourne based design team drew inspiration from street culture, the arts, music – and created a diverse yet cohesive debut collection earlier this year. In collection 001 You will find a range of custom shapes designed exclusively for the brand by the brand, as well as unique colour ways created from different blends.  With a focus on creating a ‘tight’ yet ‘extensive’ collection, Szâde have certainly injected the market with a brand that offers something for everyone, while keeping their high culture steez. Thus – a sustainable option is officially available to us all, and at very a very affordable cost!

“We are all part of a collective conscience that want’s to do more for the planet – every decision and purchase we make affects this” – Szâde team, Melbourne 

So how do they actually do this? Create new sunnies out of old ones?

“Essentially we looked at the waste produced annually by the fashion industry and as a whole, which is responsible for more land fill, CO2 and pollution than the airline and shipping industry combined.  We realised that the manufacturing and production of fashion products creates a huge percentage of the world’s landfill so looked at ways to use the off runs, defected and excess stock of other sunglass brands. We save these from landfill and harvest the raw material, process it and create our recycled szades from what would have ended up at the tip or in our oceans. Sunglasses; made from recycled sunglasses. Our entire unique recycling process has been audited and certified by GRS, who is the global standard for authenticating recycled materials and products.”- Szâde team, Melbourne 

Now lets take at look at the goods!

Their debut collection 001 features 11 diverse styles – in line with being a slow fashion brand, Szâde will release 2 new styles each year, with new colourway injunctions occurring more frequently, take a look below at just a few from their range!



To see their entire range and join the Szâde community, here are some handy links…

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Enjoy exploring!

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