by Platforn One

Boutique label, Nakedvice, has been progressively flooding the scenes over the years since they first launched in 2014.

Founded by two motivated Melbourne girls, Jessie and Sarah, the brand has continuously grown – starting off with small leather goods and expanding into a large range of accessories and apparel. Now, the brand is further evolving and moving towards releasing collections which are more earth friendly, while maintaining a high level of quality and aesthetic!

We got to speak to the Co-Directors at Nakedvice about the growth and evolution of their label – some very exciting things to come!


1. You started out as two ambitious friends with a mission – how did you manage the ‘take-off’ of your brand? And what advice would you give to emerging designers for growing a successful label?

We came up with the idea of Nakedvice and pretty much just ran with it straight away! As soon as we decided to pursue the brand we began working on the business full-time. 

Our advice is simply just to start.

Obviously that is easier said than done, but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. You’ve just got to take the leap and learn along the way. You’re never going to have all the skills you need straight away and nothing will be perfect initially, but it’s better to start than to not start at all. 

If you have an idea and you’re passionate about it… go for it. 


Above: Founders Jessie & Sarah looking fabulous

2. In 2020 you’ve made quite a shift towards sustainability…including operating on a pre-order basis and working with sustainable packaging. Can you tell us a bit more about one of these projects and the positive impact on your brand? 

We have always wanted our products to be sustainable, timeless items that can be used for years and passed down generations. In recent years, it has become industry standard for brands to invest in the future of the planet and we feel it is our responsibility to do our bit. 

We operate on a pre-order basis as we never want to create product that ends up being landfill. We only produce what we know we will sell. Obviously this process takes longer, but it’s so much better for the environment. 

By using biodegradable mailer satchels, it’s such a simple thing but it does wonders for the environment in terms of reducing plastic waste. By taking these small steps to being more sustainable and sharing these milestones with our customers, we are hopefully building a community that is more environment-conscious.

3. You recently launched your Nylon collection, and we hear it’s vegan!  Can you tell us about your approach and experience in creating non-leather goods?

Yes! That’s correct. Our Nylon bags and accessories are crafted from high quality nylon and vegan leather. The reason we created these pieces was because we were getting a lot of requests from our followers who loved our aesthetic and vibe but preferred vegan friendly products. We noticed there was a gap in the market for good quality / on-trend bags made from materials other than leather. The collection has been so well received and we love the fact that we can provide something for everyone! 


Above: The Lexie Nylon Bag – Vegan Friendly!

4. We love how cute your tracksuit sets look styled with your Nylon collection! Can we look forward to Nakedvice launching more apparel as we come into warmer months? 

Yes! We will be launching an NV Bike Short & Crop which can be worn as a set, as well as a new Nakedvice Tee just in time for Summer… stay tuned!

5. Do you have any advice for emerging labels in regards to listening to customer feedback? 

We take on every piece of advice we receive, whether it’s by email, dm or in-store. Everything is noted down and we refer back to the feedback when we design. 

Your customers are everything and you need to listen to them! Obviously it’s important to stay true to your brand and your vision but always listen to what they want as they can provide insight into what is lacking in your product offering.

6. Do you have a favourite piece from your upcoming collection and why? 

Yes! We have just launched Drop 1 of our SS21 Collection, MODA. 

Sarah – The Silvie and The Xander. I’m loving everything and anything ‘90s satin. 

Jessie – The Jett. I’m loving rich croc-embossed leather for summer. 


Above: The Silvie Satin Baguette                                  Above: The Christy Lemon Nylon Bag

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