by Platforn One

There’s something quintessentially Melbourne about the Meat Market: a vast, industrial space nestled in a cosmopolitan corner of the city.


On Tuesday 23rdOctober, twenty-five innovative and emerging designers from RMIT’s Bachelor of Fashion Design Honours program repurposed the market space to showcase their final collections.

Hidden behind modest black curtains, backstage blended excitement and tension: ‘Capsule’ signified an important moment after a long year of hard work. It was an opportunity for the Graduates to honour their collections with a show and a celebration of a tough but rewarding program.

The long, cavernous market space lent itself well to a vibrant runway. Each designer sent down between seven and ten looks cohesive with the theme they worked on during their final year.

Each designer therefore showed individualised collections: some designers played with themes borrowed from architecture, some focused on more technical processes, some worked with repurposed materials whilst others looked inwards at their culture.

What was consistent was a clear appreciation of materials, a push to try challenging techniques and the ability to stand out.

Platform One was lucky enough to watch each look go down the runway, and speak to several of the designers on the night. Each seem humbled by the sold-out event. Indeed, the designers had managed to pack out the seats with friends, loved ones and industry folk.

It was easy to see why the event was a success: Capsule was an insight into what it means to be a fashion student and designer and a chance to see emerging talent and hard work come to life in an energetic, engaging space.

And for that reason, Platform One can’t wait to share with you more of what they’re bringing to the world. Keep up to date with our designer profiles as we highlight some of the talent we saw on the night!

Check out our gallery to see some BTS from the night, and a short video capturing all the hidden hype!

Yours truly,

Platform One