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We were lucky enough to attend the showcase of Remuse during VAMFF this year in March. To say the show moved us would be an understatement, the beautifully curated garments which were presented to the audience through dance and an incredibly mindful narrative, left us in a peaceful state of awe. The show was called ‘Micologia” – for those who don’t know, Mycology is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi, including their genetic and biochemical properties, their taxonomy and their use to humans as a source for tinder, medicine, food, and entheogens, as well as their dangers, such as toxicity or infection.”

We asked designer, Tamara, a few questions about the collection. Have a read below to get a peep into her creative mind!


Presented as part of VAMFF 2019 Arts Program, your production held at SubStation was sensory and educational, Micologia led the audience through a music, dance, fashion and mind journey… what was the underlying connection between the acts?  

Co-curated with my partner Bash (@b2bcreative.co via instagram), the production brought together artists and performers with a keen interest in mycology and focused on presenting mycology artistically in a way that also, we hope, would do justice to the subject matter.

As your second Micology release, can you tell us a bit about the concept of MICOLOGIA II and how it connects and differs from the previous collection? Did you introduce any different fabrications in this collection?

While the first Micologia release was more of a general ode to the importance of mycology, this second release was more in depth in terms of creating pieces inspired by specific mushrooms- such as the Oyster mushroom, Lobster mushroom, Maitake, Lion’s mane and our dear Psilocybin, studying scientific imagery and seeking to portray the 17 mushrooms we’ve selected for our biomimicry and inspiration through colour palette, fabric texture, design lines and movement. We also explored different fabrics- while our label started off seeking to push the limits of calico, we’ve branched into locally woven cotton fleece, transparent linen, and deadstock, non animal based, natural fibres such as cotton corduroy, with shapes and structures more equipped for a non-layered winter wardrobe.

What is the significance of the Equinox to Remuse? 

The Equinox marks an important time of seasonal transition and a reminder to value life transitions alongside and in symbiosis with nature. The Equinox for us represents a brief, fleeting moment of balance, equilibrium, suspension, before we are brought into a time and stage where we must confront a greater presence than before. For this hemisphere, Global Warming considerate, it is the brisk cool wave of Autumn, hibernation and the proliferation of our dear mushroom. For our sister hemisphere, it is the lengthening of days and a longer experience of the sun. The Equinox is a significant time for reflection of balance and reality.

Where can we look at and buy from the new collection? 

You can find the new collection in store at the AFC Curated Pop Up Boutique in Emporium Mall, Level 3 in Melbourne from the 18th of March through the 31st, and online from the date of the Equinox, March 21st.  It is also available by appointment at our studio in Collingwood.

What are some of the ethical principles Remuse practices as a fashion brand ? 

We are a strictly vegan and cruelty free brand. As this year marks 10 years vegan, I felt it important to reflect these principles in the pieces that I seek to create in the world. We also use natural fibres and an increased use of GOTS Certified organic fabric and thread when ethically and environmentally accessible, natural fibre deadstock sourced locally, and production practices that are ethical and in-house, certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. Another central tenet is the diversity of our imagery- we are 100% dedicated to promoting and celebrating diversity within the ethical fashion and greater fashion community, as it is so very needed. I’ve found often the ethical fashion community often perpetuates imagery that is not entirely reflective of the amazing diversity of people who enjoy ethical fashion, myself included. There are also an amazing group of wonderful, diverse, professional and committed models seeking work but who nonetheless are not casted for roles they very well are suitable for because of these prejudicial constraints. I see my brand as a vehicle to promote and support the increase in ethical diversity and ethical imagery within the industry.

Can we look forward to any more events like this in the future?  

Absolutely! We have some wonderful collaborations on the way, Fashion Week and non Fashion Week concurrent. Stay in touch with us at @remusedesigns on Instagram and facebook to find out when!


Now, check their website out here!  www.remusedesigns.com


Yours truly,

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