Curated For You - Sexy, Sustainable, Swimwear

by Platform One

While one half of the world enters into the cold of winter, the other half is digging up SPF 50+ sunscreens and Turkish towels in a race to the nearest body of water. 

Bathing in the summer sun requires a trusty pair of trunks. So as the spring months come closer to an end, we find ourselves desperately searching for the next 'it' swimsuit, defined by feeling cute and comfortable while sipping an Apérol by the pool. 

One major plus this summer is being able to choose from a burgeoning array of gorgeous sets that have been sustainably birthed, and designed by someone who really cares.

Our picks below embrace designs from across the globe. From pink petal prints, to customisable monograms, whether you like full coverage or prefer to go full cheeky mode… we hope there is a brand below for you.


1_Soft and Wet / Designed and Made in Italy 

Our Pick / Argilla Frilled Bikini Top and Thong


2_Kelsey Road / Designed in Australia 

Our Pick / The Underwire Top in Chloe Print


3_Miliue / Designed in Melbourne 

Our Pick / The Frakni Set in Ocher


4_Krek / Designed and Made in Australia 

Our Pick / The Monogram Krek


5_Sie Swim / Designed in Hawaii, Made in Los Angeles 

Our Pick / The Gemma One Piece in Stardust 


6_Cultira Swim / Designed in Australia 

Our Pick / The Cultira Swim Skirt in Sepia 


7_Florence Eugenie / Designed and Made in New Zealand 

Our Pick / The Havana Swimsuit in Brushed Beige 


8_ Charlee Swim / Designed and Made in Australia 

Our Pick / Courtney Tie Side Hipster Swim Bottom in Frangipani


9_Anna Jean Kos / Designed and Made in Hawaii

Our Pick / Hoku Bikini 


10_Innes Lauren / Designed and Made in Australia

Our Pick / The Nude One Shoulder One Piece