MIKÕKO - An Immersive Runway Show With Remuse Label

by Platform One

An earthy aroma of steaming cacao mixed with the residual buzz from generous kava shots filled the room at Remuse Design's runway show, bringing a warm energy to the crowd. 

Licked with anticipation from attending previous Remuse shows, we had high hopes for a multidisciplinary performance and Remuse's MIKÕKO held at Collingwood Yards did not disappoint.

In partnership with Living Koko - Samoan indigenous owned cacao cultivators -  Remuse sent a selection of looks down the runway which used cacao as a dye and offered guests a range of ways to taste cacao as well.

MIKÕKO submerged us into the world of fungi and its relationship with the biodynamic cultivation of cacao in an intimate runway experience enhanced by sound and projections.  


The looks included ruffled pants reminiscent of fleshy mushroom layers and repetition of flared silhouettes in both tops and bottoms. 

Styling - brought to us by Studio Fear - had the models draped and hugged by oversized pieces which they experimented with in real-time, exploring how the clothes moved through dance.


But relaxed shirting in natural fibres and geometric prints, dyed denim pieces and tracksuit sets brought a sense of modern comfort and wearability to the collection. 

We congratulate Tamara Leacock, the designer behind Remuse, on yet another incredible collection. 

MIKÕKO - Brought to you by: 

Melbourne Fashion Festival

Music Market – Collingwood Yards 

Living Koko

Studio FEAR





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Yours truly,

P / One