“Little Sculptures Made Without Moulds” Nastja Zaric, founder of ZARIĆ Jewellery

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Amongst the sunlit corridors of the iconic Nicholas Building, ZARIĆ Jewellery is nestled as a beacon of creativity. Here, amidst the hustle and bustle of Melbourne's vibrant arts scene, Nastja Zaric's creations find resonance and appreciation amongst fellow creatives alike.

Nastja Zaric, the founder of ZARIĆ Jewellery, shares insights into the meticulous balance between artistic expression and wearability that defines her unique approach.

Words by Lola McKimm


Photography by Shana Trajanoska   

"I’m going for crafty, primordial and glamorous at the same time, a big expressive moment," says Nastja Zaric, the visionary behind ZARIĆ Jewellery. "The wearability as a factor in the final design is something very important to consider, and I continue considering and problem-solving consistently."


The studio's commitment to technique shines through in their hands-on approach to jewellery making. "Every piece from our workshop is truly one of a kind - little sculptures made without moulds," Nastja emphasizes. "Carving out a unique style and new methods certainly adds to this, as there is no blueprint to follow."


Photography by Chloe Nour


ZARIĆ Jewellery's connection with the community is nurtured through collaborations and a newly opened showroom in Melbourne's historical Nicholas Building. "Having a third space for collaborators, friends and customers is something I’ve missed in my practice and am thrilled to have accessible again," Nastja shares.


The inspiration for each seasonal collection is drawn from diverse sources, reflecting the studio's organic and intuitive approach to design. "Considering trends is not something I’m generally interested in," explains Nastja. "But responding to my environment and taking note, translating those ideas into collections which fit into our ZARIĆ Jewellery design codes."


Photography by Shana Trajanoska


From conception to the final product, the creative process at ZARIĆ Jewellery involves a magnified attention to detail, and it is all in due process that the magic happens. "When it comes to actually crafting a piece of jewellery, it starts with preparation of my space and wet clay," describes Nastja. "From there, I’ll carefully sand and wet sponge each piece to reduce bulk, further shape, remove sharp edges."


Sustainability is at the forefront of ZARIĆ Jewellery's ethos, influencing every aspect of design and production. "Resourcefulness, along with care and repair, are integral to my personal ethos," affirms Nastja. "The secondary materials used is where I really enjoy pushing the mark on sustainability, and recreation of accessories."


Photography by Chloe Nour


ZARIĆ Jewellery remains committed to innovation, exploration and education. "I’m studying an Advanced Diploma at the moment, Engineering in Jewellery and Object design," reveals Nastja. "Although evolution is always welcome, the brand identity won’t be fundamentally changed, only refined."


All the while paying tribute to Nastja’s Yugoslav background, ZARIĆ Jewellery stands as a testament to the enduring allure of handcrafted artistry and the transformative power of creative expression. With a steadfast commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability, the studio continues to redefine the boundaries of contemporary jewellery design.


Photography by Shana Trajanoska 


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