Sensuality, Self-expression and the unexpected family history behind intimates brand T.KRO

by Platform One

Projects often originate from a spark of passion that in many ways, defies traditional employment confines. Meet Tasha Kroussov, the founder of the intimates brand T.KRO. Her journey with T.KRO stemmed from a lifelong love for sewing and crafting, an undeniable passion. 

Words by Lola McKimm

For Tash, making things is her math and her magic. "I've always loved sewing and creating things for people,"  Tash reminisces. Transitioning this passion into a business venture post-graduation felt natural; the idea of working under someone else's brand no longer appealing to her. 


Over time, Tasha's brand evolved remarkably as she navigated self-discovery and creative exploration. "I think now my style is going in the right direction of where I want it to be," she explains enthusiastically. However, in an industry engulfed in fleeting trends, it's tempting to veer off course for temporary acclaim. Yet, Tasha remains steadfast in her commitment to authenticity, refusing to compromise her vision. 


Inspiration finds Tasha in the timeless elegance of vintage lingerie. "My favourite thing to collect is vintage lingerie sewing patterns from the 70s to the 90s."These designs guide her hand, breathing new life into classic designs. The way we see it,  there is a serendipitous parallel between the glamour and sophistication of the past that Tash balances with a modern twist. 


Material selection is meticulous for Tasha, prioritising comfort and quality. "They've always gotta be soft and comfortable," she insists. Advocating for sustainability, she sources deadstock materials whenever possible, mindful of environmental impact. Testing garments on herself ensures they meet her standards, making each piece a labour of love.


Sewing, a constant in Tasha's life, is a skill passed down from her grandmother. "My baba was a great seamstress and always made me outfits.” This heritage imbues her work, blending reverence for the past with future possibilities. 


For aspiring entrepreneurs, Tasha's advice is simple: "Just start." Dispelling perfection myths, she encourages learning through action. Collaboration and community are invaluable resources on her journey, highlighting the importance of support. Now, the business is run from Tash’s Baba’s garage – a delightful titbit in the family's role in the growing success of the brand.


At the core of T.KRO lies a profound message “soft and comfortable”. "I hope that everyone who wears my garments feels absolutely gorgeous," Tasha expresses, embodying the ethos of handmade, local businesses. Her brand celebrates sensuality and self-expression, offering comfort and confidence in a world demanding conformity.


For first-time buyers, Tasha recommends timeless staples like the Elyse bralette and Eve bottoms. Looking ahead, Tasha dreams of expanding her brand's presence through more stockists and pop-up shops. 


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