by Platforn One

Introducing sister duo and creative masterminds behind the well-respected Australian label Ryder.

Penny and Georgie Brown are inspired by the Australian landscape and are committed to creating clothes that last. Each collection reflects their own unique style and laidback nature.
Ryder label has become a trusted go-to for joyful, energetic, and adventurous clothing embodying the Australian outdoor spirit.
We chat to Penny and Georgie about their brand... have a read!

What inspired your most recent collection?

Flowers, the beach and the colours of the bush. We’ve had such a strange year, we’ve been craving wide open spaces and fresh air. This capsule collection is a nod to all the things we miss, and all the adventures we’re yearning to have. This year will be the year of exploring our own backyard and we’ve made some perfect clothes to do that in.


Ryder is a trusted local brand with what it seems like a great and strong community! What are the most important things you do to maintain customer loyalty?

We have such a loyal customer that has been growing naturally and gradually for many years now. We infuse our clothes with style and ease – we have always wanted our customers to feel confident and happy in what they are wearing. We have stayed true to ourselves and our own unique style.

What is one thing your brand does to help achieve your sustainability goals?

We aim to design and create clothes that last. We are making collections that reflect the way we live, simply and consciously. We are acutely aware of the waste footprint we leave on this earth and are designing forever wardrobes.

We also work with 1% for the planet which is a fantastic organisation that helps us distribute our donations to Australian environmental causes. It is a means of us giving back to a country that we are committed to appreciating and protecting.

Do you have any advice for emerging designers?

It’s such a strange time and everything is changing but I think the industry has needed a good shake up for quite a while now. There are no set rules of how you should be doing things anymore so have some fun. Stay true to yourself and what you love doing and you won’t have any regrets.


Take a look below to see some of their most recent collection, and find some handy links!